Tips for Buying Right Pellet Mill for Your Industry


Pallet mills are machines used to produce pellets from powdered material. These machines are getting popular because of their multifunctional feature and the increasing requirements for pellets for fuel and feeding purposes.

If you are thinking about purchasing a pellet mill, you’ll get multiple options in the market. And the never-ending range of these mills usually makes the decision difficult rather than convenient.

This article will provide you with some critical factors of consideration that will help you pick the best large wood pellet mill for your industry in the market.

So, if you don’t want to create any shop hassle for yourself, read it till the end!

1. Choose the Right Brand/Site

As the market is filled with countless options, reaching a suitable site/brand/company is your first task. While choosing the pellet mill company, there are a few things you should keep in mind

  • Reputation
  • Products customers review
  • Product range
  • Product Warranty

A company like Yulong will provide you with the best services with a wide range of distribution networks. Yulong is known for its pellet mills all over the world. So, if you are really into choosing the best company, check the official website of Yulong.

2. Your Requirement

Pellets machines are used in multiple applications like making fuel pellets, different animal feed pellets, and other organic materials. And with all these end products, mills are designed differently. You can choose the pellet machine based on your raw material type.

3. Capacity (Kg/hour)

The working capacity of a pellet mill is the weightage of material that the machine will convert into pellets. Based on the capacity, pellet machines are divided into two main categories

  • Small scale pellet mills with ~ 50- 400 kg/h capacity
  • Large scale pellet mills with ~1- 2 tons/ hour capacity

As the name indicates, small-scaled mills are used at a small level, like for personalized use, while the large mills are used for industrial applications. You can choose one according to your needs.

4. Energy Consumption

The energy consumption and pellet production rate of pellet mills play a vital role in their efficiency. This energy is measured in KW. When choosing the pellet mill, ensure that the pellet production of the mill should be higher than its energy consumption.

5. Flat Die or Ring Die

Flat and ring die are the two categories of pellet mills based on their mechanical working principle. You have to choose between these two every time you step into the market.

Both of these types have their pros and cons. So, it would help if you did some research before stepping into the market to get a suitable option.

6. Pellet Mold

The shape and size of the pellet depend on the pellet mold. Usually, people avoid this factor while choosing the mill and face a complete mess later. So, you should make sure that the mold is according to market standards.

7. Investment Cost

While entering the market, there is one thing that you should keep in mind the pellet mill purchase cost is not the only price you are going to pay. Make sure to add the installation and maintenance cost of the mill to your budget and select the suitable option.

8. After-Sale Services

After-sale services are essential in case of damage or to get the mill’s replacement parts. Try to pick a company with after-sale solid services to resolve all your issues later on quickly.

Final Verdict

While investing so much of your money in a single mill, you should be as cautious as possible. By taking all the above-described points into account, you will get the best mill in the market without any confusion.

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