The Dangerous Reality of Your Cybersecurity Blast Radius


In this episode of Security Breach, we’re joined by Brian Vecci, the Field CTO of Varonis,  – a leading provider of cyber threat detection and response compliance software.

Varonis recently published their 2021 Manufacturing Data Risk Report, which offered analysis on threats, trends and potential solutions for a number of market sectors – including manufacturing. Included in their findings was that manufacturing was the fifth most targeted industry last year, with the average data breach costing nearly $5M, and taking over seven months to contain.

Overall, Varonis feels the industrial sector’s level of cybersecurity sophistication lags behind many of its peers in the financial and healthcare sectors. We recently sat down to discuss the report, understanding your cybersecurity blast radius, data as a production asset, password protections, and more.

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Steven has always been interested in industry and its inner workings. As a young boy, he would often be found taking things apart to see how they worked. This curiosity led him to a career in engineering, where he now specializes in designing and building industrial machinery.

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